IT Training Services

We offer training services in the following areas:



Training Requirements Analysis and Curriculum Planning


Course Design


Course Development


Course Delivery, both in-house and public


Mentoring for Business Process Modelling, Analysis, Design, UML, Use Case Modelling, Web Modelling, Usability, Project Planning and Control, Project Process Modelling

Our Course Curriculum

Code Course Title Dur*.
PR02 Microsoft Project 2002/2003 4
IOO Introduction to Object Orientation and UML 1
OOA Object Oriented Analysis with UML 3
OOD Object Oriented Design for Visual Basic.Net 4
UML The Unified Modeling Language (UML) 3
UMLE Embedded Systems Modelling using UML 3-5
UCM Use Case Modelling with UML 2-3
LCP Logical Construction of Programs (Jackson/Warnier) 4
IPD Introduction to Programming and Program Design 4

* These are standard durations.  For in-house courses the durations may vary as required
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