Today, somewhere in the world, a project is failing.

Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister

We started our company in 1995 with the mission to help our clients  increase their chances for project success.

We achieve our mission by providing high quality training and consulting services focusing on those aspects of system development that are so often neglected and are, as a consequence, responsible for most project failures: project planning, requirements analysis, design.

We always carefully tailor our courses to meet our client's real needs.


"I attended a similar course some time ago and I was completely confused.  NOW I really understand what's all about".


"Your course explained highly abstract and sophisticated concepts in a simple, no-nonsense, pragmatic way."


"I have been a Smalltalk programmer for the last four years, but only now I understood what Object Orientation really means.  Thank you!"


"This course completely changed my perspective."


"This course was exactly what we needed, our students are thrilled."

...these are typical appraisals we often hear from our students.

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