Methodology and Process Engineering

Our company provides IS-Development Methodology and Process Engineering consultancy.

We work with our clients' teams to formalise best practices, methodologies and processes or to adapt existing ones to the particularities of our clients company, department or project.

We are using state-of-the-art process engineering tools that allow us to deliver in a relatively short time high quality deliverables and also allow the Project Manager, user of the methodology, to:

bulletEasily adapt the standard process to the specifics of his/her particular project
bulletAutomatically generate the project's schedule (in interaction with MS Project or other preferred scheduler)
bulletAutomatically generate the Process Guide (html) which can be published on the company's Intranet.  The Process Guide is actually a well structured and focused Project Management and Development Knowledge Base.

All these ensure that the methodology does not become instant shelfware. 


We are a ProcessWare™ Partner of Computer Associates.  We are currently developing Synthesis Analysis a process template for CA's Platinum Process Continuum tool.

Synthesis is an Object Oriented Methodology initiated by the world-wide highly respected methodologist Meilir Page-Jones and currently jointly enhanced by Wayland Systems and Wayland Informatics. 

You can see here a  preview of the Synthesis Analysis Process Guide.  The preview shows only a part of the activities and only part of the information that defines the activities shown, thus many hyperlinks are broken and you may get the well known message: The page cannot be displayed. We apologise for this inconvenience.  To see a complete outline of the process click on the button (Show Shortcut) at the bottom of the page.

Click here to see a preview of Synthesis Analysis Process Guide.

Please contact us for a more comprehensive demonstration.


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