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I am very pleased with the course.  The content was excellent with great use of easy to understand examples.  Not only did the examples aid your understanding, they immediately showed you where/why you would use the concept.
The trainer's presentation/lecture style is very interesting and prevents boredom setting in, on what is potentially a laborious subject to teach.
We have all really enjoyed the course with the trainer and feel that we have gained a huge amount from him.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others or using him as a consultant in the future.  Rosemary Gormley, Project Manager, Abbey National,

The whole course was very valuable – made me realise where I had gone wrong before.  David Underdown, Trainee, Pearl Assurance

The trainer has an excellent subject knowledge, obviously gained from years of experience.  This is accompanied with a unique training style and very good slides to produce a very worthwhile learning experience.  Fergal Downey, Team Leader, Abbey National

Well – I started not even knowing what A&D entailed, and now feel I have a good knowledge of the topic, and in such a short time.  The course was very good – I am amazed at how much I feel I know about A&D now.  Instructor was very calm and reassuring and never patronising; let class discussions occur – which was good.  Hanzam Zohdi, Consultant, Computer Science Corporation.  




The trainer presented his course very well and was always prepared to explain any queries to my satisfaction.  Good and knowledgeable, I didn’t get lost once!  Has given a good detailed overview and has whetted my appetite for more!  Michael Sinclair, Software Manager, Zengrange Defence Systems Limited

Interactive / responsive to needs!  Excellent.  Exceeded objectives.  In terms of materials – very clear, logically structured.  Good use of overhead/computer projector thing.  In terms of instructor - lots of respect for him.  Very clear communicator.  Would be delighted to have another course with him.  Nelson Burke, Computer Science Corporation.

 Very useful in steering us towards proper design and analysis procedures for future projects. Peter Colley, Trainee A/P, London Processing Centre

A well structured, well planned course.  I actually believe that the trainer knows what he is talking about. Not only that, but he has the ability to pass his knowledge to others.  Mark Cooling, Senior Analyst, Zengrange Defence Systems

Enjoyed it very much. Feel like I've learned something. Paul Warren, Senior A/P, London Processing Centre

This course was exactly what we needed, our students are thrilled. Alastair Knight, Director, CCII, Cape Town




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